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Ever fancied yourself as a member of an elite fighting force? Perhaps the SAS or Delta Force. You want to be a member of the Special Force, trained in the art of stealth, sabotage and annihilation. Well now is your chance thanks to Microprose. You must take control of a group of four elite soldiers, the Special Force and attempt several missions ranging from rescuing POWs to blowing up trucks and bridges. There are four scenarios; Antarctic; Tropical; Desert and Temperate, each one containing four separate missions which can be attempted in any order. Obviously it Is wiser to attempt the easier missions first until your squad has gained enough experience to progress further.


You must first select your squad from from those shown, making sure you choose those best suited for the particular mission. Each one is armed with a special weapon, has an individual skill and is allocated a maximum carrying weight. The weight allocation is extremely important as it will dictate the amount of weapons each soldier can carry in his backpack. The soldiers must then each be given a call sign.

There are four call signs and these are; Shark, Cobra, Tiger and Eagle. These will be the names the men will be called by on the mission. Next is the weapons allocation screen where the troops are loaded up with selected weapons of death and destruction. These are chosen from the top menu and placed in the backpack provided the soldiers weight allows. There are also three preset weapon configurations. After selecting your mission, you will be presented with general intelligence as well as a photo of the mission area. From here it is straight into the action.

There are two main screen when in combat - the battle map, a 2D view of the soldiers and the surrounding area, and the terrain map which displays the entire mission area as well as the position of the soldiers, marked 1, 2, 3 and 4 and any enemy indicated by red dots. The terrain map is where most of the control takes place. From here you can set waypoints for each soldier as well as move them manually.

The battle map shows the soldier(s) presently under your control and the status bar indicating whether he is in combat or stealth mode, what weapon he is carrying and how many rounds of ammunition he has remaining, the long-range scanner, formation indicator, energy and present time. The battle map can be changed to show all the soldiers at once and a miniature terrain map can also be called up if the soldier gets lost. The enemy will rush to the troops and hide behind any buildings or outcroppings.

Fortunately, the men can take cover which will also replenish any lost energy. Detonators can be set and those are tired manually from the keypad.

These are instrumental in destroying trucks and bridges although if not fired in time they will not work. Once the mission has been completed, the soldiers must make their way back to the drop-zone where they will be picked up by a helicopter. Once safely back at HQ, they may be awarded medals and promotion, provided that the mission is a success. These men can then be used once again for other missions.

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