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The 3D graphics are brilliant not only the cars but the roadside obstacles and spectators. Four tracks present themselves for your delectation and a practice lap before the race is mandatory. The practice circuit not only gives you a feel for the track but it also dictates your starting position on the grid.

The handling of the car is good with many degrees of turn possible but unless careful it is very easy to skid, although it is usually possible to continue after a 360 degree skid with little more than a loss of speed. The gear changing is automatic so this presents no problem When racing against the other cars the game changes dramatically. Ramming is permissible, if done from the side, but hit a car in the rear and you are going to take a tumble. Passing your opponents is made all the more difficult due to their uncooperative nature. As you try to pass a car it moves to either block your passage or ram you off the road. You have to be careful here as you are much more susceptible to ramming than the computer controlled cars. Slightly repetitive but good fun all the same.

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