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The game one of the first computer games I've ever played and still among my favorite time wasters. There's no deep and intriguing plot to it, just pure addictive fun.

You're a monocycle riding caveman who's trying to save the love of his life from the clutches of an evil prehistoric monster. In order to do so you need to avoid different obstacles (rocks, holes, tree branches, club swinging ladies, rolling stones - not the group, falling stones, stalactites and stalagmites...).

You can move left or right on the screen, jump and duck. You can also increase or decrease your speed (by pressing the joystick buttons). Do not confuse your speed with your position on the screen. The speed is indicated by a meter at the bottom of the screen.

Each level will represent a different challenge and if you die, you'll start from the beginning of the level (not from the beginning of the game). Once you run out of all the lives, you will have to start all over though.

The game has 4 different levels of difficulty and it has a two player option (basically it's just a hot seat option, you loose a life and player two gets a go at it). The graphics are extremely good for the time period. It was the time of 4-color-eye-burning CGA, yet this game offered a bigger color palette. The sounds consist just of few bleeping sound effects, still at the time they were far from obsolete.

All in all this game is a solid product that was way ahead of most of its competition at the time and is still very enjoyable to play today. I strongly recommend it.

Don't know exactly what to do in this game. But it seems you're riding on some stone and you have to evade objects on your way.

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