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Four months after C64 Untouchables won a Gold Medal for capturing Al Capone, the gangster has escaped onto the Amiga. Once again vast profits from illegally importing and selling alcohol, banned by the Prohibition laws, has allowed him to totally corrupt the police of Chicago. But the sheer flamboyance of his rule over the city has drawn the attention from national government, and FBI agent Eliot Ness is sent to put him away.

Mr. Clean's first raid is on a warehouse crammed with crooks armed with Thompson machine guns. Ness's police escort soon take fright and leave him alone to face overwhelming odds. But also in the warehouse are ten of Capone's accountants. An arrow points to the nearest of these, and if he's shot a ledger is dropped - collect it for vital evidence. Getting all the evidence won't be easy, however, energy and bullets are both limited. Fortunately, many of the crooks drop violin cases containing extra ammo, life force, and a gadget which gives you rapid fire for a while.

After his betrayal in the warehouse raid, Ness forms a team of incorruptible cops: Stone, Malone, and Wallace (an accountant!). Their first mission is to catch gangsters smuggling alcohol over a bridge from Canada. Unlike the C64 game you can only control Ness who, armed with a sniper rifle, rolls from left to right across a horizontally scrolling screen packed with gangsters. 50 Bottles of liquor must be shot. First aid kits restore energy when shot. Fortunately if you die on any of the levels (except five), you can restart the current level.

After winning the bridge battle, Ness learns Capone's top accountant is trying to leave Chicago. The Untouchables race toward the railway station, but are ambushed in the alleys. There are eight alleys: in each you must shoot a certain number of gangsters inside a very tight time limit. You can hide behind a wall to reload your shotgun and switch between Malone and Wallace.

Survive this extremely tough ambush, and Ness arrives in the railway station to see an abandoned pram rolling down a very long staircase. Ness must ensure it doesn't hit any obstacles - spilling the baby out to its death - while simultaneously shooting an endless stream of gangsters. Make it to the bottom of the staircase and you find one of the gangsters has taken the accountant hostage. This is level five, and you have just a couple of seconds to shoot the gangster in this first-person perspective, RoboCop-style screen. Fail and the accountant is killed, sending you back to the start of level four.

Once the accountant is caught his evidence puts Capone away. But one of his accomplices has got away: Ness chases him onto the roof of a building. This level is similar to the alley scene, with Ness armed with a six-shooter. As the crook pops out of his hiding place shoot him and, after a bit, he'll make a dash across the roof. Shoot him repeatedly and he's thrown nearer the building's edge. Eventually he's thrown over the side - and that should be the end for Capone for good!

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