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Once again, Ocean used their combination of game styles to create a neat package, and all credit goes to Special FX for creating a moody and atmospheric game. As Eliot Ness, leader of the titular band of law-enforcers, the player is left to complete seven arcade sections before Al Capone is finally put behind bars. Starling in a warehouse, where Ness must locate bottles of booze whilst avoiding the bullets of patrolling hoods, the game closely follows the film's plot as the player progresses. These scenes take the shape of an Op Wolf-style roof-top shootout and a really clever pram sequence, where Ness must steer a pram and its infant contents to safety whilst plugging Capone's cronies. All seven sections play really well, even if the first two are a little too long, and The Untouchables is a value-packed game which deserves to be in anyone's collection.

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