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Basically, Jaws puts you in the role of Brodie, the chief of police, charged with the task of ridding the islands of the great white shark. While travelling through a reef, he loses the gun necessary to take out Jaws. With a crew of divers, he has to travel across sea, shutting down beaches at risk from the shark until his divers have found the gun. Then, and only then, can he enter into a final battle with Jaws.

Unfortunately, this plays every bit as bad as it reads. You find yourself navigating a boat through dull waters, diving deep into the ocean with your divers to face fish and the like all firing at you, while one contact with an underwater foe results in a sudden death.

A Monster Splash

Even with the hole-ridden plot, it should have been possible to create a decent game based on the early Spielberg movie. This, however, is a mish-mash of bad ideas, thrown together with loose connections to the film, the shark itself and far-from-moving music. There's no atmosphere whatsoever; this is little more than a shoot-'em-up with a map.

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