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This is what all motorcyclists and racing game enthusiasts have been waiting for. I have to admit to being both of the above so as an 'expert' in these fields, I can safely say No Second Prize is a real treat. Thalion clearly demonstrate to Domark and their lousy Hard Drivin' series just what vector-filled racing action is all about. Even Gremlin can learn a thing or two as Thalion's effort accelerates beyond Team Suzuki, obscuring it in a cloud of dirt and dust. The idea of the game is to shred a few tyres along some of the world's finest circuits. British tracks are featured in particular, from Brands Hatch to Oulton Park.

He's got Nort-on

You are directly competing with six other bikers and a seemingly endless number of others who are just along for the ride. To help you determine who is who, all your main opponents are mounted on coloured bikes while the insignificant riders zip about on either black or brown cycles. Points are awarded for first to third place. At the end of a season (which consists of 20 races), you must achieve the most points to win the magnificent prize of a somewhat nifty superbike.

But what's so good about No Second Prize? To put it plainly, it's spectacular; it's ultra smooth and very, very fast. Not once does the scrolling jerk in any way and the mouse responds perfectly to your movements. Your computer opponents are almost as nippy as yourself which makes the whole affair even more realistic, especially when they respond to situations correctly. In other words, they follow the racing line around corners and also battle it out between themselves.

If you become involved in a crash with other bikes, they also suffer the effects of sliding off the track as well as losing time and positions. There is no bias that provokes you into shouting "That's not fair!" unlike many other race games. Your race bike can be selected of the beginning of a season. Each piece of machinery is different. For example, one particular bike may have great speed and acceleration but poor cornering. Another may have excellent cornering but be constructed of a weak and fragile bodyframe so don't crash! Damage to your bike is measured by a small bar displayed at the bottom right of your dashboard. Destroying your lovely bike results in a single point being deducted from your championship score, and yes, it is possible to have an embarrassing tally in the lowly minus figures.

Nevertheless, No Second Prize will be one big plus among your collection of racing games.

A polygon graphics based motorbike simulator game. You control your bike with the mouse and have to win the first prize, an amazing new motorbike! The game features extreme fast vector graphics even on an A500! It has video styled replays, tv cameras, external views, etc. Worth to try!

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