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Genetic engineering has produced the perfect soldier. From the activation of the life form it will be ready to follow its creator's orders and fight to the death. The bio-weapon will not know the meaning of pity or remorse, only obedience. Known as the ORK, the unit has been designed primarily for the infiltration of alien bases. Being almost completely self-sufficient it is capable of remaining in the field for extended periods of combat time.

In short, it is the ultimate warrior, requiring no external aid and continuing to operate for as long as it is physically possible. It is capable of rational thinking and in order to complete many of its missions it will have to solve complex problems. Its brain is able to sort through any available data and provide the best solution to any puzzle that confronts the warrior. Deactivating security systems or breaking into heavily defended bases can all be handled with the utmost of efficiency.

When it comes to mobility the Ork is not lacking. As well as being able to handle even the roughest terrain at high speeds the organism is also capable of climbing steep gradients and making long and precise leaps. In addition to the standard mode of transportation it is also capable of limited flight. Using DNA generated rocket boosters it can remain airborne for up to 60 seconds. After consuming further items of sustenance the fuel load will be regenerated by its own internal organs.

Many of the targets that the ORK will be sent to neutralise will be controlled by an extensive computer system. The bio-weapon is equipped with an advanced computer interface that allows it to manipulate any work station or CPU it encounters. Being able to access the data that these systems hold greatly enhances the organism's infiltration capabilities.

Finally the ORK is equipped with a high powered, rapid firing cannon. The weapon is not made in a factory from steel and ceramic composites but is part of the creature's body. It consists of living tissue and bone sculpted by the use of DNA strands into an awesome gun. The ammunition is of a similar nature, grown by the organism while out in the field. As long as a steady supply of food is found it will never run out of fire power.

Without the need for re-supply, repair or constant supervision the ORK can withstand the rigours of the modern battlefield far better than any human soldier. A commanding officer can be confident that any mission taken on by an ORK will be completed with utmost efficiency. - An extract from the "The ultimate fighting machine. ORK Operations Manual" Copyright of The Bio-Design Corporation, 2593. Reproduced with their kind permission.

Psygnosis' latest game puts you in command of an ORK infiltration unit as it goes about one its toughest missions to date. Using the advanced capabilities of the organism to the full you must penetrate the base of an alien invasion force and eliminate the threat to your creators.

As well as the straight forward blasting of anything you encounter you will have to solve the puzzles and problems that prevent you from proceeding further into the game. Collecting keys to fit certain doors, using computer terminals to deactivate security systems and by-passing enemy defences are the order of the day.

Finally, as with most modern shoot-'em-ups, you will have to deal with a series of guardians that are protecting vital components that you will need to collect. Using your cannon you will have to blast away at these behemoths probing for a weak spot in their defences, that tiny chink in their armour. Only a combination of fast reflexes, and quick thinking will bring you ultimate victory along with the completion of the mission.

Very good music and not bad graphics. A platform game, with visuals similar to Lion Heart. You play an Ork, who looks like a monster.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.92 MB).


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