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Spherical Worlds, as the name doesn't imply, is a two-dimensional adventure in which you take control of a spherical droid whose mission it is to roam the various sectors of a space station. Quite why isn't clear - there are no printed instructions, and the only "readme" included on the CD merely talks of 68040 data caches and other technical gubbins. There is a brief animated intro to the game, but it doesn't really help to explain matters, so getting stuck in is the order of the day.

On loading the game, you are presented with just two options: Start Game or Enter Teleport Code. The game itself is fairly slow going - your spherical battle droid has to skid about a derelict space station, avoiding holes, sliding over ice, shooting other little robots and things, while searching for the exit to the next level. On level two, it gets harder... droid builders scuttle about, seemingly with a death- wish to collide with you and explode. Avoiding them (and other obstacles) is sometimes a hit-and-miss affair, but most usually a "hit" as you find your battle droid unable to turn quickly or accelerate away from danger.

There's not much in Spherical Worlds to get you hooked - yes, you can upgrade your weapons and you get to do all sorts of exciting things like use teleports and collect keys - but the graphics are small and uneventful, as is the gameplay. It's okay in a sub Alien Breed 1 and 2 sort of way, and there are a few marginally distracting moments, but it doesn't hold your attention for long.

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