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Monty Mole has been making money for Gremlin for some time. He appeared in Wanted: Monty Mote in 1984 which raised some eyebrows for reflecting on the miners' strike. Three releases later and Monty retired in 1987 with the game Auf Wiedersehen Monty. Now, like all "retired" superstars Monty is making a comeback - resplendent in his supermole outfit and newly found superpowers.

Juggling your joystick around will load the game while Benn Daglish's music is played. It's superb, which is quite an advantage as each game can take ages to get into.

There are five levels to Impossamole. You can choose the order in which you tackle the first four - The Klondike Mines, Oriental World, A Jungle and an Ice World - but the fifth level, The Bermuda Triangle, can only be accessed after completing these four. So how do you progress?

Combat involves either Monty using his super powers to kick his aggressors to oblivion or collecting weapons along the way - bombs, guns and even the odd plasma bazooka can all be picked up, even if they all only last for a short time. The weapons are far less effective than you might expect. If I came face to face with a megalomaniac mole training a bazooka at me, I wouldn't expect him to have to use more than one shot to turn me into worm fodder. Unfortunately, this is not the case in this game which begins so ridiculously difficult that only the most determined will persevere.

This blemishes a superb game. The graphics are beautiful and the characterisation is great, but the difficulty of play and the time taken to restart make the Impossamole annoying in the extreme.

Popular platform game, converted from the C64. In Impossamole you have to help a bat hero to escape from the cave. But be careful the catacombs are full of skeletons, traps and other nasties. The Impossamole music is also very famous.

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