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Once again, EA Sports delivers with Madden NFL 99 for the Windows '95 and Windows '98 platforms. This game is absolutely fabulous. Not only are the sounds and graphics immaculate, but with an eight button controller you will have unprecedented control of your players' actions. Also, this game is an officially licensed product of the NFL, and the NFLPA. Electronic Arts even when so far as to review videotape from NFL Films to simulate the over 250 player celebrations and sound effects.

If you enjoy sports simulations, and you've always craved for more realism and more control of your favorite teams, then I guarantee that you will appreciate this game. Along with a 3Dfx video card and a fast processor, probably more than 200 Mhz, you can enjoy the full range of action in the most realistic football game I have played to date. Thanks to lead programmer Dave Swanson and his Tiburon Entertainment team the graphics are stunning. The space occupied by the players is in proper proportion and the resolution is outstanding with 1200 polygons for each player. The movement of the players is similarly intricate. A whole lot of attention was paid to details when programmers designed these graphics.

Furthermore, the season options offered by Madden NFL 99 are what you have always waited for. Along with the full seasons, over 120 team to choose from and all of the features you have come to expect from John Madden football, Madden NFL 99 offers you the role of general manger. From the "front office" you call all of the shots, from salaries to drafts, in a test of your football prowess. Think you can take the Detroit Lions to the Superbowl before Barry Sanders ends his career? Either way, you must build a healthy team or you risk getting fired. In addition, as coach you can design your own plays or pick from any NFL team's playbook.

Enough cannot be said for Electronic Arts and the job they did on this installment of the John Madden football series.

Graphics: 1200 polygons per player makes for intricate graphics.

Sound: Real on-field audio was used to produce the sound you hear.

Enjoyment: Great alone as GM or battling with a friend.

Replay Value: There is always a rematch. Or try Internet play.


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