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Championship Manager titles are regarded by many as the finest soccer management simulators in existence. Championship Manager 3 betters its predecessors simply by offering more leagues in which to play, more teams to manage and a more refined take on the classic Championship Manager spreadsheet style of gameplay.

For the soccer aficionado, CM3 can prove almost irresistible. In addition to the many nuances of the previous installment, this version offers a more detailed tactical system, which allows the player to move any footballer to any position on the field. Individuals can now also be assigned to practice certain aspects of play. The transfer system has been revised for Championship Manager 3, offering an easily accessible system of buying and selling. Now players can be bought from fifteen countries, allowing for an almost inexhaustible supply of footballers.

The fact that it offers so much depth, however, does not warrant it being called one of the finest soccer sims around. In the sound department, this game is appalling. Lacking commentary and no background music, the only noises heard throughout the entire game are of the crowd when a game is being played.

Fortunately, what it lacks in sound it delivers in gameplay. Playing the job of Manager for your favorite soccer team, and trying out the tactics you've always thought would work for them is so much darned fun that it's tough to leave the game alone once you start. Even more addicting is playing as a lower division team and working them up through the leagues. It certainly takes a lot of time, but for those prepared to keep at it, CM3 can be a highly rewarding game.

Visually, it offers nothing exciting, and certainly offers no improvements over its predecessors. Nonetheless, it's a solid looking game, if a little sparse.

Aside from the monstrosity that is the audio side of this title, CM3 is almost faultless. However, much like the other Championship Manager games, this installment appeals only to soccer fanatics. But to them, this is the Holy Grail.

Graphics: Nothing fancy here, but overall it's well presented.

Sound: Absolutely atrocious! No music, no commentary: the games weakest aspect by far.

Enjoyment: It's difficult to get used to the various menus and such, but when the game has been mastered, it's amazing fun.

Replay Value: There are so many different leagues to beat, teams to play with and competitions to win that it's tough to criticize the game in this regard.


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