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Hunting Unlimited lives up to its name by offering a huge range of intermeshed elements designed to stimulate the hunting fever of gamers searching for the ultimate prize trophy. White-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and grizzly bears challenge your tracking skills in five territories (Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, Texas, and British Columbia) with changing weather conditions and rugged terrain.

Gameplay includes more than 175 missions; 30 weapons and accessories; realistic environments containing ambient creatures like snakes, eagles, buzzards, wolves, rabbits, and squirrels; and an extensive animal database filled with behavioral patterns and habitats. Missions begin by inserting you in the middle of an area with the proper firearms and accessories and your prey within easy reach, eliminating the need for boring and time-consuming searches through miles of empty territory.

An additional 25 missions (five-mission "master" campaigns for each species) are offered at the official Hunting Unlimited website ( An in-game help file provides detailed instructions and a target range featuring moving targets and breakable glass bottles is available to hone shooting skills with bows and rifles.


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