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The PC version of NHL 08 continues EA's sports series with a focus on refining the controls and polishing the on-ice action. The right analog "skill stick" now handles all of the shooting mechanics, from speedy snap shots to powerful slap shots to precise wrist shots. Depending on the shot type, players will flick the analog stick back and forward, rock it toward the goalie, or roll it left or right. Players can still perform a variety of dekes in front of the net, but skaters can also elude defensemen by moving the skill stick left and right. Hard-hitting body checks and quick passes are possible with the skill stick as well, making the controls more streamlined than in previous NHL games on PC.

Another new feature is the ability to guide your favorite AHL team through a complete season to contend for the Calder Cup. AHL players can be called up to the NHL and vice versa, providing would-be GMs more options in roster management. The popular dynasty mode returns to NHL 08 with several additions. There are now weekly goals to complete, for example, offering an opportunity to improve your team up to four times each month. The contract negotiation phase is more transparent with player feedback, giving you a better idea of the type of money an athlete desires instead of having to take guesses and coming up short. The biggest change, however, is the inclusion of a fantasy draft. You now have the power to reshuffle the league and decide which star athletes should become the cornerstones of your dynasty.


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