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The backyard kids are back on the gridiron in their seventh family-friendly, easy-to-play game of football. As one of only two NFL video games playing in the 2008-2009 season, Backyard Football '09 makes the most of the license in familiar fashion: Cute, big-headed "kid" versions of the league's greatest players. As in previous games in the series, all the league's teams are represented with logos and uniforms, and the rosters are full of backyard kid characters as well as star NFL players -- as kids. The game is played from a behind-the-offensive line perspective, like that other NFL game on the market, but many realistic and fantasy fields can be unlocked for play. Teams are seven on a side, and optional power-ups allow feats of super-human scoring and defense. Gamers can play a single game or an entire season, with detailed team statistics and standings. Multiplayer options allow players of different skill levels to compete head-to-head.


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