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EA Sports brings its soccer franchise back to the PC for one more go-round, this time with a new graduated control scheme, new animations, and enhanced collision detection. FIFA Soccer 09 features more than 500 new animation sequences for more fluid player transitions, while the new collision detection system means that strength and momentum play a greater role during challenges. Fans of accuracy can play with more than 500 real teams spread across 30 leagues, and more than 40 real-life tournaments are represented.

The Be a Pro mode returns with an expanded campaign that lets gamers control an existing player, or create a completely original player, and then guide him through four full seasons -- improving passing, shooting, positioning, and defense along the way. One new feature is the Be a Pro Camera, which is designed to offer more realism by following only the Be a Pro mode player around the pitch. Gamers hungry for competition can join their favorite club from Barclays Premier League, the French Ligue 1 Orange, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A, and the Mexican Primera Division, and then head online to battle against friends and rival clubs.


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