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Sega's long-running sports management sim returns for another season of soccer strategy with a host of new features and graphical enhancements in Football Manager 2011. As always, players take controls of hundreds of officially licensed teams and thousands of players from a variety of leagues around the world, and then lead them through their respective regular seasons and postseason tournaments. A new live contract negotiation system features a number of new contract clauses, and gamers must familiarize themselves with these new intricacies and learn to deal with different agents to land the biggest stars, while the new "board request" and "backroom advice" options give armchair general managers more options to interact with the players already on their team. Football Manager 2011 also features a re-worked training system that allows players to improve their skills in 14 different areas, as well as a practice feature that lets teams hone particular strategies for upcoming opponents. Other new features include an expanded news subscription service; a 3D match view with more than 100 new animations, new player models, and new stadiums; and the "Dynamic League Reputation" system that sees the talent and competition of leagues improve as gamers continue to field a good squad.


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