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One of the first computer games in the CGA format taking up the challenge to make a good archery game. Whether the developed failed or not is really up to you but even if you don't look at the old CGA graphics and annoying beeper sound the setup of the game is poorly done and doesn't look like an archery game at all because it's too simple.

You can play either against another human player, the computer or just alone. On the right side of the screen you will see a target moving down from the upper right corner and you have to shoot your arrows at just the right time so you hit the target. At first it's quite hard but once you get the hang of the game you will quickly be able to score many points.

As mention the graphics are a bit too simple even when taking the age of the game into consideration as you don't really get the feeling that the game is about archery at all. Combines with the annoying beeper sound (that you can't disable) it really offers a good test of whether you are one of the patient players. Now I might sound a bit negative towards Archery but I will give the developer credit for trying to make a game in this genre since too few games have been developed with this kind of offerings.

Nice little game for lunchbreak I'd say. Well, this surely is an old one. I wouldn't really call this a serious sport-sim, it's fun anyway, you might have guessed what it's about, right? Archery... you know - the thing with arrows.


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