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Biliardo 2 is a freeware billiards game for two players. The pocketless table is rendered in the traditional top view, with certain controls and settings available at the bottom interface. Sliders can be adjusted to set the power of the shots and the table temperature. The cue aim and angle can be moved on two windows showing a close-up of the ball. Players take turns hitting the balls and scoring to the rules of each variation included:

- In 5 Pins, players have to use their yellow and white balls to hit the opponent's and score points. Bonus points are received after knocking down the five skittles set at the table center with the red ball or the opponent's ball. If the skittles are hit directly, the points go to the adversary;

- Goriziana and its double variation are similar to 5 Pins, but have nine skittles and slightly different scoring rules;

- Bowls is played without cues, where each player throws four balls from their sides of the table. A red ball is launched at the start of each match, and the main objective is to stop the other balls as close as possible to it. Extra points are received when knocking down skittles with the red ball or the opponent's ball;

- In Carom, the goal is to hit both the red ball and the opponent's ball on each turn. In the Cushion variations, the player has to bounce the ball from one or more of the cushions before striking the second ball;

- 3 Balls is similar to Carom, but the players share a single white ball to hit up to three other balls.

Biliardo 2 is a great simulation of various billiard games played in Italy. The available games are: 5 Pins, Goriziana, Bowls, Carom (normal, 1 cushion and 3 cushion) and 3 Balls. The game includes complete rules about each of the games, as well as a great on-line manual.

The best thing about Biliardo 2 is the fact that it is truly a "simulation" of the sport and not an "action-oriented" game like most other pool titles. This means you don't need any reflexes at all to make good shots: you can perform any kind of shot - even parabolic ones - from any angle or strength. The interface is extremely intuitive: just use the mouse to set up your shot, and the game will automatically suggest the probable path of the ball. Thanks to realistic physics, you won't know for sure how your shot will turn out until you try it.

In addition to excellent physics and no-reflexes-necessary gameplay, Biliardo 2 includes plenty of other features to make the game even better. You can choose between two themes: a "professional" billiards table, or a "pub" table - complete with cigarette stains. You can even adjust the temperature of the table and observe the impact on your shots. Other options include the ability to replay shots, undo shots. and view comprehensive statistics at the end of each game. If you don't know how to play pool or billiards, you can use the excellent training mode to practice to your heart's content. Overall, Biliardo 2 is a very polished, very well-designed billiards game that has so many features it's amazing it's a freeware title. If you enjoy billiards, pool or snooker, you will love this outstanding gem.

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