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Do you like to play darts? Would you like to have the opportunity to play darts on your computer? Here is your chance.

This game offers seven scoring styles such as Golf, Cricket, and the normal 501 scoring style. Choose how you want to score the game and hop right in and play. Aim your dart with your joystick or keyboard, then let it fly and hope you hit something good!

The game automatically scores for you so if you do not know how to score a dart game, you can still play. Knowing what you should aim for is helpful for getting high scores, however.

Bull's-Eye! That's right; I threw that dart straight in the middle. I hit Bully the Bull's Bull's-Eye.

This is a fun game of darts. Well at least it is if you like computerized version of darts. The main problem with dart games on the computer is that you always seem to be drunk. In order for the game not to be too easy, the creators had to do something to spoil your aim. This means the hand that throws the dart will be randomly shaking and going in all directions and you can just barely maneuver it near the position ideal for you to shoot. This game is no exception to this rule. Also the hand is always going back and forth, so if it's tilted back, the dart will fly high, but if it's tilted forward, the dart will fly low.

I usually say that having the multiplayer option is a great plus and this game give you quite an option (especially if you play some of the weirder competitions - so to say).

You can play: 501: A classical dart game, where you need to get 501 points, but the last points need to be a double shot (so if you need 8 more points, you need to hit double 4). Clock: Is a game, where you need to hit a certain number. If you hit a double or a triple value of that number you can skip a few numbers ahead). Football: Lets you shoot at opponents goal, while giving him the chance to equalize. If you shoot the numbers needed you get closer to the goal, if the opponent hits all his number, he puts you back to the starting position. Basically it's a competition to see, who will make more mistakes and loose. Tennis: Yet another play, where you need to hit the numbers highlighted. Golf: You need to hit what's highlighted. Depending on your shots, you'll get a score (just like while playing golf). Cricket: Here's a game that you get to play in teams of 5 players (this means up to 10 players can play). Snooker: when you get a triple shot of a number, you get to score some points. Once all the numbers are out, the game is over.

All in all this is a quite fun dart game (as computer darts go), gibing you a lot of options. It's certainly more fun when playing against a friend (or nine).

Well, you won't play darts with tennis or golf balls in this game - although the game title and box cover might tell you that. Bully's Sporting Darts is a fairly decent darts simulation, or better said: It's as decent as such a game could get, as darts is certainly not a game shouting for a computer conversion. Very similar to 180 by Mastertronic, just that it offers additional playing variations to the standard 501 game. And here comes the title into play: Bully's features football, golf, cricket and some more differnt sport-inspired counting rules. Give it a try if you can't live without a darts game. For everyone else... you know.

Typical darts meet untypical rules - Bully's Sporting Darts mix with other sports such as football, tennis or golf to create all new sets of rules for two player games! You still play DARTS and not any other sports, but your goals are somewhat different. You will have to hit specific values in order to advance until you actually win. Each "game" has its own rules, but I am afraid you will have to discover them for yourself. Have fun!

This one's surely a game for darts-fans. Others might have their fun as well though. Apart from the standard darts game "501" where the one reaching 501 points first (and that means exactly 501) wins there's also the game "clock" as well as several adaptions of sports games. Some of them are more interesting, some... less. Tennis for example is a nice idea, but in fact pretty much unplayable as you have to hit the EXACT part of the board that is highlighted - and that's always one of the small ones, not the bigger ones. You might hit it sometimes, but since you always only got one try (unless it's your service, then you got 2) chances are low.

This game can only be played by 2 players (no computer opponents available) and you can use keyboard and/or joystick - I recommend using the keyboard though.

Quite a nice darting game, which looks simple, but you need quite some practice to throw as it is quite hard. You can play all kinds of darting games, like here I play '501'.

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