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Carvin is a freeware snowboarding game for DOS that is fast, fun, and very easy to learn. Your goal in game is to clear through 10 hills, while scoring points by collecting 'tokens' that are scattered along the way. The controls are very simple: you can move left or right, and press spacebar to get back on the track if you get "stuck" in walls, trees, or other obstacles.

The problem with the game is that it is very easy - even for reflex-challenged gamers like me. The ten tracks are very short, and take about 5-10 minutes in total to complete. You can save only one replay (via the 'instant replay' feature), and the game cannot save your high scores. Still, with nice graphics and simple-but-fun gameplay, Carvin is a good choice if you want to while away those few precious minutes of coffee break. It's just not addictive enough to warrant a replay. For more involving freeware games based on similar themes, try SnowBrawl and Freeride Earth instead.


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