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Endorsed by the celebrated instructor, David Leadbetter's Greens is a relatively serious golf simulation, designed to educate as well as entertain. Featuring numerous explanations of technical details, the program may help players become more familiar with the physics of the sport, especially as they pertain to club types and golf ball flight. Multiple camera angles make use of the 3D graphics and allow for a primitive television-style presentation. As in many contemporary golf games, the player's swing is determined with three mouse clicks: one to start the swing, a second to set the power, and a third that determines accuracy.

MicroProse made a change from military simulations by recreating golf in fine detail. This was the first golf game to operate in true 3D. This means that the player's stance and swing technique can be adjusted, and have a significant effect on the shot outcome. Although the manual's tutorial helps, it's harder to master than rivals such as PGA Tour Golf. There are six courses, an unprecedented number for a computer simulation, and tonnes of playing modes.

Yet another diversification effort that was very underrated, Greens is MicroProse's answer to the question: How do you compete with legendary golf sims Links and Jack Nicklaus? MicroProse signed up one of the best golf instructors around and marketed his name with the game as the best "instructional golf game" on the market. The result is a bit mixed: the coach feature is as good as touted, but the gameplay is somewhat lacking-- imprecise controls, bland graphics, and weak interface marred the otherwise excellent and innovative approach to golf games. Recommended, but outdated graphics and awkward controls may dissuade expert golfers.

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