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Earl Weaver Baseball, released in 1987, was the first baseball game released on any gaming platform to feature full statistics tracking and player customization abilities. You can edit existing players' statistics, create new players, or trade between teams. Team attributes and entire leagues can be edited, and stadiums modified or created from scratch with unique characteristics.

With the proffered tools and a little patience, Earl Weaver Baseball provides the wherewithal to do just about anything baseball-related except run in full career mode with rookie drafting and player retirements. However, even that aspect can be accomplished if you're willing to set up rules for retirements and hold your own draft with custom made players.

Gameplay offers an equally staggering array of options, such as use of designated hitters or injuries, or use of arcade rules or full statistics with the fairly realistic physics engine. Options for automation and speed are available for those who want to simulate a full season without playing every game. For individual games, a split screen shows an overhead view of the field on the left side, with a catcher's first person view of the batter and pitcher on the right, with the overhead view taking over the full screen when a ball is hit. Save options are offered upon completion of each game, updating player and team statistics.

Earl Weaver Baseball's graphics are severely outdated, but the game has one of the most flexible baseball game engines available on any gaming platform. Thanks to the customization options, the game has depth comparable to modern baseball games. After more than 15 years, and in an age of nearly photo-realistic 3D graphics and gigabyte processors, some aspects of Earl Weaver Baseball's custom gameplay are still astounding.

A game with teams of era's like with Babe Ruth and Willie Mays. A game very up to date game for it's time. Camera angles and TV style presentations.

One of the best sports games ever made, Earl Weaver Baseball is a revolutionary baseball game that introduces numerous features that are far more advanced than most contemporary games, including multiple camera angles, lifelike animations, and TV style presentations.

Despite being more than a decade old, EWB still commands a loyal following among baseball fans due to its unmatched configurability and addictive gameplay.

EWB was the first baseball game (and among the first games of any genre) that allows a staggering number of customization options. You could edit the team anyway you want- design a power hitter that your lineup is lacking, for example. Or edit entire leagues, divisions, team names, and uniform colors. You can even fire the whole team if you feel like to. You can choose any length for seasons, although unfortunately automatic playoff modes are not available. Players from different eras can compete on the same match, and ballparks from different eras are not only available but you can edit them using an easy-to-use ballpark editor. The ball physics is reasonably accurate, taking into account variables such as wind and astroturf. Helpful advice from the great manager Earl Weaver is easily accessible from within the game.

EWB offers several levels of play, depending on how "hands-on" you want to be. There are also four levels of difficulty: major league, minor league, semi-pro, and sandlot, the last of which provides a real challenge for pro gamers. As if solid gameplay weren't enough, designer Eddie Dombrower went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the game is as pretty to look at as it is fun to play. The graphics are outstanding for the time-including some of the best EGA graphics I have ever seen-and there are even digital crowd noises (although pretty awful compared to Amiga version).

Perhaps the best proof of how EWB's sheer playability stands the test of time is the fact that there are leagues on the Internet that have been running for almost a decade, if not more. Electronic Arts itself made several data disks for the game until about 1991 or so - nearly 5 years after its original release (keep an eye out for those data disks, coming to this site). Anyone with spare time can also creates his/her own data disks, thanks to the game's robust configurability described earlier. In short, EWB offers some of the best playability and features never seen since in a baseball game. If you have even a slight interest in baseball, Earl Weaver Baseball is simply a must-have.

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