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Extreme-G was a relatively popular game for the Nintendo 64. It took racing game fans to the next level with unprecedented speed and fast paced arcade action. Naturally, the fans wanted a sequel and the fans got just that. Now that sequel has been ported over to the PC to give computer gamers a taste of adrenaline pumping excitement. Unfortunately, Extreme-G 2 is met with mixed results and an overall mediocre experience.

For starters, the box boasts of over 40 different tracks. Some of these tracks are merely turned around to race backwards or in a mirrored fashion (i.e. if you turned right in one version, you turn left in this one). Regardless, the track designs range from impressive to frustrating. Because the whole premise of this game is speed, some tracks do not allow you to practice this. There are a few that have so many twists and turns that its almost impossible to speed. It is also difficult to judge which way the track is going to turn next, especially when going up a hill. Basically, you cannot see over the hill and the track designers often put a turn at the top of that hill. The result is you careening into the side and losing valuable time and position. This brings me to another point. When you do go careening into the side, you often get very disoriented as to where exactly you are. It is very possible to get turned around or hit to the side. There are some really narrow tracks and sometimes it is hard to recover from such a wipeout. Also, the camera that is supposed to be behind you at all times but it can get out of whack. Sometimes it will turn to your front or to the side obscuring your view of the track. This is very frustrating to say the least.

But not all is bad. The action can get pretty intense at times. Your futuristic bikes, 12 in all, have the potential to bear a weapon (you can only use one at a time). Weapons are strewn about on the tracks and include all sorts of missiles, bombs and cannons. You can use these weapons to fire at your opponents making them wreck and allowing you to catch up. Sometimes, you will also get a rear-view mirror of a missile you fire backwards. This is a pretty neat feature as you can see what happened to that projectile rather than wondering if it hit the racer behind you.

In conclusion, Extreme-G 2 isn't necessarily a bad game, its just not everyone's cup of tea. It does have problems and those problems (mostly to do with tracks and the camera issue) are noticeable and will affect gameplay. If you're an arcade racer junky who is addicted to speedy games, then you'll probably enjoy this one if only for a little while. Just be warned, it's not perfect.

Graphics: Texturing and overall visual flair never rises above mediocrity. The textures often looked washed out and the overall look just isn't very detailed. Fortunately, the frame rate is very fast and solid and this almost makes up for it.

Sound: The musical score is made up of your typical futuristic techno soundtrack. There isn't anything special in this department.

Enjoyment: Extreme-G 2 can be fun at times. The fast paced racing and shooting is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Unfortunately, it can also be frustrating at times. Some tracks don't allow you to speed very much and you hit the sides of walls a lot. Also, the camera can be disorienting at times.

Replay Value: There are some extra modes, like the time trial and over 40 different track variations to play through. There is a lot in there but it's just not a fun enough game to hold your attention very long.


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