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Once again Epyx invites players to compete in winter Olympics. This time there are 8 events which can be played, which are: Figure Skating, Cross Country Skiing, Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Slalom, Downhill Skiing and Luge. Up to 8 players can either play the complete Olympics, compete in one or more events or simply practice an event. Some events can be played simultaneously (Cross Country Skiing, Slalom and Speed Skating) while the others have to be played one after another.

Epyx was known for their excellent sport games (mostly Olympic Games). Here's yet another of their sport games. This time we're taking you to Calgary, where the Jamaican bob-sled team (remember Cool Runnings) made its debut!

The opening sequence is promising. The graphics are solid and have enough colors (their previous winter games were still CGA) and even the tune isn't half bad (even though it's from the PC speaker). Unfortunately the gameplay is somewhat worse then with most of their sport games.

Here are the events:

Cross Country let's you compete with another player and see who is the first one across the country (quite unimaginative, simply press left or right).

Luge is the substitute for everybody wanting to bob-sledge. You'll get to start and then simply let the guy finish the course (there's not much more you can do).

Downhill starts off fine with you starting the course with a beautiful background. Well soon you'll get a 3D like view of the gates you have to pass in between or else (it's the only really enjoyable event).

Speed Skating should be fun, but it's hard to keep balance, so you'll just keep falling on your behind.

Figure Skating has been greatly improved since their previous game, but it's still not fun. You get to choose the tune you'll perform your number too, select the elements you'll show and then you get to skate (but the controls are horrid).

Slalom or better said parallel slalom let's you compete with another player. The course is very uninspired and you simply need to avoid the gates.

Ski Jump again features some 3D animation, but it's not that easy to actually jump. And then you still have to land.

All in all this isn't a very fun game. Epyx has done much better in the past. I think that a 2 is almost generous.

The Games: Winter Edition doesn't sport as good a graphics or gameplay as its cousin The Games: Summer Edition which was released in the same year, perhaps due to its being based on an older engine. Nevertheless, fans of Epyx' earlier Winter Games will find much to like here, as Ski Jump and Slalom -- the two best games from that version-- return with a new facelift with many other new events.

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