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In this fishing simulator you are an angler with some luck, who travels to a river for fishing. Arriving to the docks you buy an equipment for fishing and listen to the tips given by Bill Saiff, himself. On the walls of Saiff's house lies the angler's greatest trophies for different kinds of fishes and greatest misses such as boots. The goal of the game is to catch as many fish as you can during the day. So after equipping you travel on the boat to find the fishing spot and begin fishing. Using equipment chosen by you on shore you try to catch the fish, using you mouse, remembering the tips given, taking into account weather and hoping on your luck.

The game has also Derby feature, which can be activated with code given by Amtex only.

Arguably the best fishing simulation ever made, Gone Fishin' is a fresh-water fishing sim, and lets you try your luck on Lake Ontario's Bay of Quinte. You can catch everything from sunfish to walleye, and all fish go for the same lures as their real-life counterparts. The bait shop has many baits to try, and the old-timer has many tips to offer. The game is as good as it gets, with weather effects, very accurate feel, and relaxing gameplay-- just like real fishing. Go fish!

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