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Great Courts 2 is the sequel to Great Courts.

This tennis simulation has some nice features. First you create your player. You can distribute some character points (for example: speed, forehand, backhand, etc.) like a role-playing game. These skills will raise after a few winning matches. Then you must select the tournaments you will play. There are all ATP tournaments for choice- you can also play the Davis Cup. After every tournament you get some price money. There you must play the single and double matches.

In training you can also play against a ball machine or against a friend. It's also possible to play 1 against 2.

Great Courts 2 is the second game of the trilogy made by Ubi Soft and Blue Byte, and was launched in 1991. Great Courts 2 was made for several platforms, including the Amiga, Atari ST, and DOS. Like most tennis games, Great Courts 2 is played in a third person perspective. Great Courts 2 graphics are very good, and they show great improvement from the first game of the series.

One of the best aspects of this game is its gameplay. You can control your player without much trouble, but you'll need to practice in order to respond to the balls of your opponents. Great Courts 2 allows you to develop your character's playing skills, such as speed and backhand, by investing points in those skills. After a few games, you'll get more points to spend, and you will play better.

Great Courts 2 gives you many options to customize the game before you play, such as creating your player, choosing the type of tennis field you like more, such as grass, clay or hard and you can choose whether you want your games to be played in two or three sets to the winner. You also have to make a calendar of tournaments that you will play during the season and almost all important ATP tournaments are here. You can even play the Davis Cup, a competition only available to countries. As a reward for your good or bad games you will receive prize money from all of the tournaments you play in.

Great Courts 2 allows you to play with a friend in doubles mode, or against your friend in a derby game.

If you like this kind of sports game, you will enjoy it. I'm a fan of this kind of sports games. Even today Great Courts 2 is considered one of the best tennis games ever made for PC. I think this game deserves 5 points.

Great tennis simulation by Blue Byte, offering nice gameplay, good graphics and sound (although lacking the samples and speech of the Amiga game), a great tournament mode, player profiles and very fun doubles matches. An enjoyable multi-player game but thanks to the RPG-style player development and the overall fun gameplay, there's also enough to keep you motivated in single-player mode. Funny to note that the original game came with a pair of sun glasses! Sure, the quality of these was very low: the glasses were pitch black so that you couldn't really see through them and the neon-green made them look very freaky. =) But it's a pity that such little gimmicks are hardly seen with any new games these days. You should also check out the predecessor Great Courts, which came out one year earlier. Great Courts 2 is definitely one of the best tennis games ever made.

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