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Accolade's anticipated follow-up to 1987's top-selling computer baseball game features more teams, options, and features. Instead of the first title's modest selection of two teams, HardBall II offers a choice of ten fictitious clubs as well as a team editor for a custom league. Seven stadiums are included for a change of scenery, and five camera angles let you see the on-field action from different levels of zoom. Two batting perspectives include a catcher's view and one set behind the pitcher as he stares down the hitter. Instant replays, pick-offs, errors, defensive shifts, and stat tracking are also part of this action-oriented sequel.

The sequel to the pioneering Accolade baseball game with many new features, including better graphics and animation and authentic major league ballparks.

Sequel to Accolade's breakthrough Hardball baseball game, and first PC version in the long-running series that ended with Hardball VI. Unlike the later games which were designed by MindSpan, this one was developed by Distinctive Software. In terms of gameplay, it's very similar to the better-known sequel HardBall III - but, of course, worse in terms of graphics and sounds. The game sports many new features over Hardball, including better graphics and animation and authentic major league ballparks. Overall, one of the best arcade-oriented baseball games at the time. Not as realistic as EA's acclaimed Earl Weaver Baseball, but casual fans who prefer fluid animation and action over statistics will have a lot of fun with Hardball II.

Note: only the EGA version is included in the archive, since my CGA disk is missing. This game does not work on my Pentium II and even crashes at times on my old IBM PS/2, so be wary if you want to try this oldie out :)

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.78 MB).


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