Heat Wave: Offshore Superboat Racing (a.k.a. Powerboat USA) Download (1990 Sports Game)

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Heat Wave: Offshore Superboat Racing puts you at the helm of two kinds of boats, Catamarans and Deep-Vs. Both types of boats ride on top of the water as opposed to plowing through it, reaching speeds of more than 100 mph. You'll race on open ocean, rivers and through city canals. Six preset courses are available -- four offshore near Miami, one in the San Francisco Bay, and one on the Mississippi River. In addition, you can create up to 10 different custom courses.

Each boat is equipped with a control panel displaying a compass, a clock, RPMs, a speedometer, trim (flattens out your ride at high speeds), bilge pump controls, a temperature gauge, fuel gauges, a radar screen and the starter. Your boat will incur damage from time to time to its shaft and prop, both of which you can stock up on prior to the race. You will also need to determine how much gas your boat will require (too much will slow you down). Courses vary in length from a quarter mile to 160 miles.

You view the game from the cockpit of your boat or from a "helicopter viewpoint," which lets you hover just above and behind your boat. Your goal is to be the National High Point Champion, which is the driver with the highest average of points based on his finishing positions in a season or circuit of 10 races. Penalties, which include missing a buoy, missing a marker, jumping the starting flag and repairing your boat, will add time to your final tally.

Heat Wave: Offshore Superboat Racing is a racing game in which the player uses a power boat to race against four AI opponents. There are various aspects to keep track of during a race, like avoiding overheating the motors or a steady adjustment of the trim. During the race it may be needed to stop and conduct repairs on the ship due to contact with the opponents or the environment. However, it is important that the player took repair parts and fuel (which can be chosen after the qualifying race) with them. There are six courses and an editor to create more.

Heat Wave is a fast and furious superboat racing game features cool 3-D polygonal superboats, lots of courses to race on, and 4 boat designed you can choose from. What I like about this game (apart from the first-person perspective and 3-D graphics) are random weather and water conditions during the race. This game is one of my most favorite Accolade games.

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