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In this Golf Simulator you can choose field, course, tournament, player and go outdoors. Here is ordinary golf equipment, as usually you can choose your power and direction. But camera may be placed everywhere. Background landscapes are pixel-video.

Hole in One is a decent golf game by Really Interesting Software Company, published by GameTek in Europe. The game includes all the standard options that one would expect to find in computer golf games, including various play options (tournament, practice, and friendly competition modes such as skins, foursome, and strokeplay), weather effects, multiple camera angles, and the familiar swing meter. The game also boasts decent VGA graphics and player animations.

The problem with Hole in One is not that it's not a good game -- it's that it is far too predictable, too ordinary, and too standard. While it offers a full range of options, it offers no innovation or even new courses that would make golf fans excited enough to leave a game of Links or Jack Nicklaus to try it out. If you are a die-hard computer golfer, Hole in One is at best an interesting diversion without the longevity of classics in the genre. A decent game, but not worth keeping at all after you finish the default 18 holes (the promised add-on courses never materialized, not surprisingly).

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