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Jimmy Conners Pro Tennis Tour attempts to be all things to all people interested in a simulation of tennis. On many levels it succeeds admirably but more often than not it falls short of it's lofty goals. The most glaring and unfortunately the most important flaw in the game is the difficulty in saving your player's evolving statistics to one of four save slots. This single detraction is of major importance since the entire game (when played in tournament/career mode) revolves around the hopefully increasing level of expertise of your player. It's far too easy to sweat out a set of tennis here only to have your progress ignominiously lost to a tricky save feature. While discussing flaws, the other serious drawback is the potentially difficult learning curve. Actually it's just a matter of learning the various keys or joystick moves required to control your player and the coordination required to strike the ball solidly. However, since a tennis simulation has little going for it but player movement, the ease or difficulty in mastering the techniques is of paramount importance. As a single player against computer opponents, this doesn't seem like such a big deal but when firing up the game with as many as three human opponents, two with joysticks and two using the same keyboard, the problem is exacerbated exponentially.

This isn't to say that Jimmy Conners Pro Tennis Tour is a complete 0-6, 0-6 washout. The overall structure of the game contains an amazing number of options that allow continuous play with attainable goals. For example, the game includes a very nice training tool in the form of the ball machine. It's a programmable tool that allows for practice in various types of shot making and features not only multiple choices of location where you want to receive the ball but at the speed and frequency as well. There is even an option for a random shot generator. For those wishing to succeed in the simulation it is advisable to spend a considerable amount of time on the practice court. Also of note is the option to play an entire world circuit tour enhanced by the well developed presentation of the results. Four game modes are available that allow for varying degrees of difficulty including computer, junior, intermediate and professional and the choice of gender of your player is an added touch. Player creation is an interesting amalgam of choices in that you are given 64 skill building points at the start and you apply those to any of seven particular skills. Once awarded, however, any further character skill progression is determined by hitting successful shots. Jimmy Conners Pro Tennis Tour is a fairly comprehensive simulation of tennis with many good and some not-so-good aspects. For the most part, it serves within the lines as an overall decent entertainment tool but doesn't seem to hold up over the long haul. There are better products on the market with the simple expedient of greater ease of use to recommend them.

Graphics: Considering what's involved in a tennis simulation, attention to detail would seem to be of utmost importance. While the game view is adjustable, the lack of high resolution renders the game less enjoyable and realistic than hoped. Of course, the redundancy of a tennis match itself limits the visual choices in game design.

Sound: What little music the game contains does not enhance the experience nor are the sound effects particularly striking which is dismaying in a simulation of tennis.

Enjoyment: The game offers a near-term diversion but gets tedious in the long haul. The overly difficult mastering of shot controls and player movement along with a terrible save feature negates prolonged enjoyment.

Replay Value: Simply because it is a tennis game that deals in individual matches, replay value is assured. However, the shortcomings of the game itself may cause it sit on the shelf more often than not.

Endorsed by famous tennis player, Jimmy Connors, this game offers tournament and single play on multiple court types.

Using crosshairs, aim your ball to the other side of the court and hope you hit where you want. If you are lucky, you might even score an Ace. If not, you will need to be ready to return your opponent's return. Run back and forth as you try to keep hitting the ball over the net until your opponent misses, or you do. When you hit the ball, you will want to attempt changing the direction and speed of the ball to throw your opponent off balance. This is the real challenge of any tennis game.

Jimmy Conners Pro Tennis Tour (or simply Pro Tennis Tour in Europe) is a below average tennis game from Blue Byte. Although it has all the options you find in a typical tennis game (variable court types, tournament or single play, etc.), the game suffers from poor controls and jerky graphics. For example, to serve the ball you must move the crosshairs very quickly to the intended part of the court you want the ball to land on. You only have about 3 seconds to do this, however, and the crosshairs inexplicably moves with the speed of molasses. It took me countless tries (and foregone points) to get my serve to land correctly. The rest of the game is no less aggravating, since it's often very hard to tell where the position of the ball is, and to vary the speed or direction of your shots. Despite having one of tennis' most famous stars to endorse the game, Pro Tennis Tour is best passed over for a better tennis game.

Good tennis game. Named after this fantastic tennisplayer from the 90s/ You can play against eachother or against the computer.

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