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This is a driving simulation is which you get to drive all the stages in the Lombard RAC rally. The game includes day and night stages, along with different weather conditions such as fog and snow. There is also a workshop option where you can repair and tweak your car to get a bit of extra speed. The game's main innovation is that the screen display is from behind the front seats - you can see the driver adjusting the steering wheel and gearstick, and the co-driver holds a map which changes colour as the track is covered.

If you like rally games and if you like old games, you will find this game very enjoyable. The game Lombard RAC Rally is a classic made in 1988 by a small company called Red Rat. This company made only a few games. The most known amongst them was Pushover, published by Mandarin Software, a company mostly dedicated to publishing Spectrum games. Because of that this game was launched to all platforms available in that time.

Like the name itself said: this is a game about rally, where you can drive a car competing in the most famous rallies. Lombard RAC Rally is a simulation of a tournament running in England. Let us talk about the graphics now. You can play in CGA or EGA mode. As you can see in the screenshots, you will get better results in EGA mode, because there are more colors. When playing the game, you should race at day or at night, or even in fog, snow and many different weather conditions, which will make you to like this game.

In the main menu you have many options to choose from, like running all rallies or playing only some stages. The sound isn't very good, so I think it is better to turn it off.

The cursor controls are very easy to use:

Accelerate: UpBrake: DownLeft: LeftRight: RightGear: Return

To become a master in this game, I advise you to play practice first, to learn the stages, and to know the car controls. All of this will make you a better driver during the rally. In the workshop you can fix your car and repair damage received during the race. In the car you are sitting on the right side, which is usual in England and you will see the road like you can see it from your real car and it will give you a good feeling how to run in a rally.

Lombard RAC Rally is a good game, with a very easy way to control the car, and with the EGA graphics you will find it a good game you could play for a few hours. I give it a 4.

Lombard RAC Rally is a fun driving simulation of a real-world of the same name (now called Network Q RAC Rally which takes place every year in Britain. You get to drive all the stages in the rally from the first-person perspective. You can choose to drive the whole tournament, or any of the 5 legs that make up the rally.

Lombard RAC Rally is a great simulation of the tournament that is not commonly seen on the computer. The graphics are crisp and clear in EGA, and the car feels reasonably realistic. The game includes day and night races, different weather conditions such as fog and snow, and varied scenery graphics. To round things off, you can enter the workshop to repair and tweak your car, practice any of the legs, and even participate in a multiple-choice TV quiz to try to earn some cash. Overall, if you like rally games, Lombard RAC Rally is well worth a look. Highly recommended!

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.50 MB).


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