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MagnaFlux is a 2-car overhead racing game. Humans or the computer can control either or both of the cars. The cars have the ability to fire at each other as well as drop mines as they race laps around the track. There are more threats than just each other, though: There is a large cannon that fires indiscriminately at the cars on the track, laser beams firing randomly at certain points, a floating blue cloud that randomly inflicts damage, floating brick walls, and a powerful electomagnet that makes driving difficult by either attracting or repelling the cars when it is activated.

Magnaflux Runner is a fun top-down miniature racing game for Windows that is similar to better-known Micro Machines series. Instead of racing around everyday objects, Magnaflux Runner pits your skills against computer-controlled cyborg opponents on 5 unique alien speedways.

The "Magnaflux Runner" in the game's title is a futuristic armored vehicle that glides inches above a magnetic track. Use your weapons and thrusters to deal with opponents and avoid the myriad of traps and hazards on the tracks. You can compete against a friend in hot-seat mode, although unfortunately no TCP/IP is available. The interface and controls are both easy to use, and the cars are smoothly animated. The cars are a bit too tiny, however, so you likely won't feel the adrenaline rush of GTA or Micro Machines.

Overall, Magnaflux Runner is a competent racer that is enjoyable for a few hours. The 5-track limit and inferior gameplay compared to Micro Machines hamper the fun, though, making the game neither memorable nor as replayable as Codemasters' classics.

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