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Krisalis' fourth licensed Manchester United game - the title refers to their success in winning both the Premier League and the FA Cup in the same (93-94) season -- something only six clubs have achieved.

The gameplay is overhead view, and has much in common with Kick Off, offering loose control, a range of moves, and an emphasis on short passing. It's not easy at first, but persistence reaps rewards, especially with a two-button controller.

Making life easier is the Tacti-Grid tactics editor, which allowed you to customise tactics by instructing players on exactly where they go when the ball is in a particular position. The editor is the most comprehensive ever seen in an action football game, allowing you to rename players, change their appearance and skills, transfer them across clubs, move clubs around the divisions, change their kits, and more.

This will probably be the most biased review ever... Getting a United-crazed fan to write a review of this game can only end up one way, right? Well...

This game is based on the wonderful '93-94 season of the english Premier League Championship. Which is, of course, the year when Manchester United won both the english league and FA cup in the same season. Hence "The double" in the name of the game. But don't let this fool you, you can choose to play any team from the top 5 leagues of the English game. Also you can customize any team or player in the league to fit your liking. Not that it gets any better than Keane, Giggs and Cantona though...

The statistical side if the game is impressive, as is the tactical. Both are quite simple and straight-forward, but still lets an advanced manager fiddle around a lot. You choose formation, players, arrange transfers and of course play games.

The matches are similar to what it looks and feels like in Kick Off 3 or even Sensible soccer. Graphics are ok but not more, the sound actually has some crowd noises and chants. If you listen closely you'll hear: "United, United". Not surprising perhaps but it does make the matches more lively.

Controls during the games are good, but it's quite hard to score in your first games. Keep going though and you'll find that it can be done, but you'll hardly get many "crazy" results against top-level opposition. The heading of the ball is a bit strange as the players look to jump about 5 meters up in the air, and have a hang-time that would make Michael Jordan jelous.

This was the third in Krisalis series of United games, it's also the best in my opinoin. Not a true classic but you can challenge a friend or have some tough games anyway. Fighting your way through the friendlies, cups and leagues with your favourite team is really fun. A recommended download for anyone that enjoys football games.

Seems like the guys at Krisalis are United fans. Heh, no problem. Liverpool still has more trophies... Anyway, this is a management/action football mix. You are a manager of the team you select but you also have to buy/sell players, select tactics and play through the seasons. Not as good as the good ol' Championship Manager but not bad as well. The actual part of the game where you play the match could have been done better while the rest is pretty much ok. Football management fans should try this game. It's not bad at all.

Not a very impressive football but many of the games developed around a popular club or player are often not very good. This is also often seen with golf and racing games as the publishers mostly sell the game because of the famous name they associate with the game - and in this case the popular English football club Manchester United. Even as a huge fan of the club I just don't like the game even if I really want to.

But if you don't take that into account the game it does several good features not seen in many other football games. These features include an editor so you can edit most of the details in the game. Furthermore you can also make your own leagues to make the game a bit different. Of course I consider it most funny and realistic as well to just play a regular season instead. When you do that you can play as any team you want to. Of course you can also just play a single match and of course both against the computer and another human player.

Both the interface and actual game match engine have quite good graphics with well done details as well. Of course it doesn't look like any of the FIFA games from EA Sports but it does look decent taken the little budget the game had. Overall not a special football game and unless you are a football fanatic you probably won't find this game very interesting.

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