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Mini Putt is a miniature golf game that offers 4 courses, Deluxe, Classic, Traditional and Challenge. Up to 4 players can either play a game or practice any hole on any course. Each course offers its own difficulty level. Deluxe and Challenge have difficult hills and course layouts. The Challenge being the more difficult course. The Classic offers animated bridges and other obstacles. The traditional is your standard miniature golf course which requires well placed bank shots.

To make a shot, using the joystick, move the crosshair in the approximate direction and distance where you wish the ball to go. When you are ready to shoot, hit the fire button. You will notice the level rise in the power bar. When the bar reaches the desired distance, press the fire button again. When you release the fire button, the bar starts to move back down. The mark where you stopped the bar moving indicates the power with which you hit the ball. When the bar reaches the bottom of the power bar, it moves horizontally on the accuracy bar. In the middle of the accuracy bar is the center line. Too much to the left of center, it pulls to the left. Too much to the right of center, it pulls to the right. Press the fire button at the right moment to hit the ball. If the course proves to be too tough, visit the Practice course option. Not all of us can be a pro.

Miniature golf is not as sophisticated as the real golf, but it's more fun. This game is all about miniature golf.

On the screen you'll see a pat of the hole you're playing and there's where you can aim. On the bottom left you'll see a player (representing yourself) who will be getting ready to take a shot. Pressing space starts the shot. The strength level is rising, until you interrupt it with yet another press of space. Then the same happens with the spin (to have no spin interrupt when it reaches the middle). And you take a shot. The little guy can get really happy if you sunk the ball, but he can also get disappointed.

The holes themselves have many obstacles on the way, but most of them look quite the same. You'll simple see a bunch of different colored arrows pointing in different directions. If the ball lands on such areas it will follow the arrows (you can say these are the ups and downs of the hole).

Apart from that the game also offers some skill shots, because you'll need to bounce the ball or send it through pipes. And that's about it. There are different courses you can play, so the variety of holes is quite big, but the gameplay is the same. The game is still fun and you'll probably be playing it every now and again, but what fun would miniature golf be, if you couldn't invite your friends over to play? Yes, the game features multiplayer option. And let's not forget to practice before your friends come over, so you can show them who's the king of the Mini-Putt.

This simple but fun miniature golf game features many courses with varying difficulty levels, intuitive controls, and many inventive obstacles. What makes the game a cut above other golf games, however, are the many unexpected hazards that complicate the shots-- a green, for instance, can come to life and swallow the golf ball. Definitely an above-par game.

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