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PGA Tour Golf introduced many of the conventions commonly seen in the genre since. The three-click control method (the first to start the swing, the second setting power and over-swing, the third setting draw or fade) allowed for a multitude of different shots, and required a sense of timing.

Four courses are included, one of them a fantasy 'links' course designed by the programmers. Some of the holes are fiendish, with bunkers, water hazards and trees, and the need to plan strategies to get the best approach to the green.

When playing a tournament there are 60 opponents, each representing top US golfers - ten of these appear with tactical advice for each hole.

I've always been fascinated by the game of golf, but I must admit, I haven't been very good at it (although I've only tried it twice in real life). I guess that's one of the reasons why I love computerized golf games so much. They represent the thinking part of the golf game (choice of clubs, aiming, calculating the strength...) and not the physical part (how well you actually execute the shot).

PGA Golf Tours (no it's not a war game actually called Gulf Tour of Duty) is one of the best examples of 90's computerized golf games.

The graphics are very nice and the sounds try to imitate the feel of a golf course (except the cursing I overheard when the ball fell into the sand trap). The controls are quite simple. You select the club, then aim and by pressing space you select power and direction in which the ball will turn (you know how hard it is to shoot straight).

Then you are shown the course and you'll see where the ball landed. If it's a long one, you'll get a nice reverse angle of the ball landing (which is really impressive) and when you finally get the ball in the hole, you might even get the replay of it. There will definitely be a close up of the hole, once the ball gets close enough. A very nice feature is also the possibility to get the terrain configuration, so you can see all the ups and downs, so you won't get surprised if the ball suddenly rolls off and you were never aware there even was a hill there (this was a novel feature that I haven't seen in other golf games in that time).

Naturally the game supports a multiplayer option (hot seat only) so you can invite a friend over for a nice game of golf (right in your living room, or wherever your computer is) without having to rearrange the whole place to fit the actual golf course in.

Enjoy this great looking and sounding golf game, in which some celebrities will guide you through the course you want to play and give you advice for each hole separately. But if you feel you're good enough, you can try the pro game, where you really need to be sharp to keep your score down (down score, down... that's a good score, here's a treat).

The game has a selection of four different golf courses.

PGA Tour Golf is an excellent oldie golf game by EA. Although technically not as amazing as Access' Links, which (unfortunately for EA) came out around the same time, but PGA Tour Golf offers a tournament option, four courses to play on and better physics than the Access classic.

Among the myriad choices in PGA Tour Golf include the ability to play against a friend or computer players in tournaments to earn money, and watch a Live Score card after each hole you play. There are many practice options as well. After FIFA Soccer and NHL Hockey, PGA Tour Golf is a great start in a sport series by Sterling Silver (later absorbed into EA Sports label). The game series is still going strong, and has been recently renamed to Tiger Woods Golf. It may not be as replayable as Jack Nicklaus series for lack of design tools, but it still plays a great game of golf. Highly recommended!

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