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Have ever watched your favorite sports team play a game in which they are soundly defeated and thought to yourself "what a foolish coaching decision" or "what poor management?" This game offers the chance to prove that you could do a better job controlling the destiny of the team you love. Of course, the changes you make to your team in the game won't necessarily happen in real life, but the designers at Gremlin Interactive have strived to make the virtual experience as realistic as possible. For the most part, they succeed.

Premier Manger 3 is one of the most addictive, deep, and fun games. It is obvious that designers at Gremlin Interactive used their time improving aspects of gameplay rather than adding flashy, resource-hogging graphics. Perhaps more developers should keep this in mind, because Premier Manager 3 is definitely more than fun than a number of graphically impressive games.

Indeed, the graphics are not spectacular, but they do the job. The colors are nice and the stadium graphics look like an actual stadium, but there's nothing really special here. The match graphics can be funny to watch, simply because they are so clunky. The gameplay through the matches is less direct, unlike popular soccer games such as FIFA 99 or International Superstar Soccer, though you do control the strategy and tactics of your team in Premier Manager 3.

The music is a fairly catchy techno tune and is worth a listen, even for those who don't play the game. Premier Manager 3 is very enjoyable and should be a great play for any major sports fan. The depth of the game makes it worth playing again and again.

Graphics: Not super, but they do the job

Sound: Good tune.

Enjoyment: Very deep, long playability

Replay Value: You could play this game for five years straight and still not get bored.

In the Premier Manager series you lead a team from the Conference, the fifth division of English football, into the Premier League and onto European glory. Sign the right players and sell the bad ones to improve your squad. As in previous games in the series, the telephone puts you in touch with your staff, such as coaches to improve your players' skills and a scout to find new players. Stadium improvements (room for more supporters, undersoil heating, a better supporters' club) and sponsorship (assigning a brand to each piece of the stands around and above the pitch) are largely unchanged from PM2.

New to this version is the Assistant Manager - if you can sign a quality one, he can do jobs such as training for you. Tactical depth is increased in PM3 - each player can be assigned a position on the pitch depending on which sector the ball is in, in a manner similar to Sensible World of Soccer. Match coverage is fuller than in earlier versions, with an isometrically-viewed pitch displaying each touch in detail, helping you work our why your team lost 5-0, and how to stop it happening again.

The attacker is bringing the ball to the spot, takes a short run and shoots. The goalie jumps to theright side, but only manages to touch the ball with his fingers. Not good enough, the ball is in the net. Goooal! You jump from the bench in extacy, your team has just won a trophy. Whole stadium chants your name.

If your dreams resemle this, then you should try playing some football manager games. I recommend playing Premier Manager 3, the last and the best of the Gremlin`s series of football managerial games.

Fans of English football will be delighted because there are only English leagues in this game, from Conference to Premiership. Besides these clubs, all major european clubs which participate in european cups are present, but unfortunately they are not playable.

You will start your game in Conference league as young, perspective manager and your goal is to lift a Champions Cup trophy one day. It would be extremly difficult to win it with a club you start in, but if you are successful maybe some higher rated clubs will become interested in hiring your sevices.

Besides standard coaching duties like setting up player`s training schedules and selecting starting line-ups and tactics for the upcoming match, you will have to do more. You are in charge of hiring new players and members of your staff, expanding and improving your home venue, balancing your financials, marketing and many more.

Each player has it`s own stats in these categories: handling, tackling, passing, shooting, heading and ball control which are shown as numbers from 1 to 99. It means that a player who has 10 points in tackling category couldn`t take a ball from a fiveyear old, but when you see over 80 points you know that you are looking at a world class player.

Game features very nice isometric view of the match. Each player is depicted with a small figurine so you can always see where the action is and what are your players doing on the pitch. You can pause the game at any time and change the tactics according to the situation in the match. After the game, complete statistics for any player is available so you can determine if a player had a poor game or an axcellent one.

If you are in to graphics, Premier Manager 3 is not the best looking manager, but it`s huge database of players and it`s realism ensures it`s position as one of the best games in this genre.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.21 MB).


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