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Rollcage isn't your typical racer. It takes cues heavy from the other Psygnosis game Wipeout. But it takes its own slant on things as well. First off, gamers will automatically realize that they're vehicles are indestructible. That's right. Take fifty missiles up the tailpipe and you'll keep on running. This not only adds to the fun department, but it also mixes in a little strategy as well. But I'll get to that in a second...

Rollcage basically consists of six vehicles (with more hidden for gamers who are skilled enough) and twenty different levels (also, more for skilled gamers). There are also eight different kinds of weapons for the destructor to utilize.

Let's talk about the graphics. If your PC isn't running with a graphics accelerator in it, you're out of luck.. Rollcage requires that you have a 3D accelerator. If your system does have a 3D accelerator, then you are in for a visual treat. Rollcage carries the trademark Psygnosis futuristic look; complete with all the bright neon lights and flashy explosions. Level and track design are well done, with each track having its own unique style. Speaking of levels, Rollcage offers some nice, destructible levels. As mentioned in the description, you can level building in your path, causing your opponent(s) to think quick or take another route. Which is possible considering that Rollcage has full free-roaming terrain.

Control is nice, if you have a gamepad connected to your PC. For those of you who don't have a gamepad, you'll have a little harder time controlling your vehicle of mass destruction, but a little configuring here and there should do the trick.

The main emphasis pushed in Rollcage is for the player to use his/her vehicle as a weapon itself. The machines are indestructible, which allows for players to slam into other players or building, etc. This makes not only for more combat, but adds a bit of strategy into the mix. A warm welcome to any game.

In the sound department, Psygnosis has brought on the ultra-hot techno man Fat Boy Slim to do some tracks for the game. Love Island and Soul Surfin' both make appearance on the game. Everything else, from the fiery explosions to the sound of your car slamming into another, is pure sonic bliss. I honestly can't say one bad thing about the sound in Rollcage.

If you have a 3D accelerator and have any taking to a great game, you shouldn't pass up Rollcage. True, PC players don't have the convenience that console players have and can rent the game, but Rollcage is worth the cash, no matter what system.

Graphics: Stunning. Beautiful lighting, jaw-dropping levels and effects to boot. This game has it all.

Sound: Songs from Fat Boy Slim pump you up for racing, while the sound effects will knock you out of your chair.

Enjoyment: How could you not enjoy this game? Explosions, sensless violence. This game has it all, again!

Replay Value: With hidden goodies to boot and the support of a four-player split screen mode, Rollcage will have you playing for a while.


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