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A decent golf simulation of the famous tournament of the same name, Ryder Cup Golf is long on ambition, but short on actual delivery. True to the actual Ryder Cup, the game lets you play as US or European team on a grilling 3-day hunt for the golf trophy. Many options standard to golf games are here, including practice mode, weather effects, and computer opponents with varying degrees of intelligence. I especially like the FIELDS course, which represents a typical Scottish Links course. While not nearly as pretty as Access' Links 386, the course nonetheless accurately represents the coniferous forest and rolling hills that present additional challenge for seasoned golfers. The swing interface is a click-hold-click affair similar to most golf games, and is quite easy to learn and use. I also like the different methods of swing that allows you to reproduce advanced techniques such as a punch, hook, or slice.

Unfortunately for all its strengths, Ryder Cup Golf falls just a bit short on play value. The courses all look quite similar after a while, and there is no additional "bonus" such as a course designer to lengthen gameplay after the tournament is over. Still, Ryder Cup Golf is a solid game for anyone interested in the sport, and its emphasis on actual tournament gives it a unique spin that sets the game apart from the likes of Links or Jack Nicklaus games. Not a Top Dog, but definitely well worth a look.

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