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Stoked Rider is a freeware "work in progress" snowboarding game being developed by Bongfish. Although billed as "demo," Stoked Rider is packed with features that supercede most other freeware snowboarding games, including the ability to perform many tricks and maneuvers, excellent 3D graphics, and massive mountainous terrain.

There are two modes you can play: Freeride and Contest. As the name implies, Freeride mode gives you the chance to enjoy the ride, with no time limit or need to score points. This is a great way to practice the different tricks for the Contest mode, which gives you 60 seconds to score as high as possible by landing tricks and clearing mission goals. You'll negotiate steep cliff drops, try to score bonus points by performing a sequence of tricks, and more. In addition to excellent 3D graphics and a very intuitive interface, the game has many cool power-ups and other bonuses you can earn by performing the right number of tricks in order, including the fun "molotov" boost and time bonus. All in all, an excellent coffee break old game that you'll want to come back to time and again.

It`s a snowboarding title, it has pretty nice graphics, but the controls are pretty sloopy... The turns in Stoked Rider are hard. So anyway I think that Stoked Rider would have had a better fit if it was created for the PS or PS2, because the game is an "adrenalin high" kind of thing, but it won`t keep you up for hours and hours playing... you will probably get sick of it after an hour or so... Pretty annoying. But still! That green alien with those pointy horns looks pretty cool to me!


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