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Following success with the mail-order Football Tactician series, Talking Birds entered the mainstream with this retitled version. It's a football management game, setting you in charge of one of the teams in the top 2 English divisions of the time and giving you control over transfers, tactics and training regimes as you aim to guide your team to success. Initially you can only manage the lower teams, but if you succeed over a few seasons you will become respected enough to have a chance to get the top roles.

The focus is on ultra-realism, which makes it very hard to quickly transform a club's fortunes, as there is a lack of money at many of the smaller teams and attracting players is harder than in the Premier Manager series and similar. Matches are viewed from top-down highlights, with 3 levels of detail (goals-only, highlights and kick-by-kick) offered.

Tactical Manager is a decent football simulation game from Talking Birds, who would later release the sequel Tactical Manager 2 into public domain. The game is long on the number of clubs and statistics, but a bit short on actual match representation.

The beginning of Tactical Manager is promising enough. You can choose from a staggering array (thousands!) of teams and players from around the world. Clearly developed to simulate results of matches and league plays, Tactical Manager is a game best marveled from the sidelines, as it does not give you as many hands-on options (where to build new buildings in the stadiums, for instance) as games like Ultimate Soccer Manager. Realms and realms of statistics and very detailed customization options are the high points, but the actual match presentation is uninspired and unimpressive. So if you enjoy Championship Manager but want even more numbers to crunch, Tactical Manager fits the bill. If you would rather get involved in the day-to-day management of your club, though, this is not the game for you. And in any case, the game has been far superceded by now-freeware Tactical Manager 2 (also on this site) and its sequel Tactical Manager 3.

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