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Lace up your cleats, strap on your pads and get ready for some gridiron action with Touchdown Football for the Tandy 1000. You can select the length of time for each quarter from three settings and each team gets three time outs per half. There are only two types of penalties in the game: delay of game, which happens when the offense takes longer than 30 seconds and offside, which occurs when the defense jumps the gun on a play and moves too soon from the line of scrimmage.

There are several offensive formations (such as slot right and strong left) and pass patterns (such as safety valve right and flag post left) available and you can even block for your running backs. Runners get a slight burst of speed when they cross the scrimmage line. If you decide to change formation, receiver pattern or blocking selection after lining up your players, you can call an audible.

Defensively, you can set up a number of formations, such as "prevent left" and "tight right," and attempt to block extra points, punts and field goals. You can even score a safety! If a game of Touchdown Football ends in a tie, the manual suggests you reset the game and continue play until someone scores.

A very capable football simulation, given the year and technology. Call the plays, then run them using the keyboard or joystick. Digitized voices enhance the game, including the crowd, calling the numbers, and referee's calls.

Not to be confused with a poor 1996 game of the same name, Touchdown Football is one of the first American football games ever released for the PC. Designed by Imagic and published by IBM in 1983, it is a great game that remains surprisingly playable 20 years later. Given the technology in 1984, the range of options in the game is quite impressive. You can call the plays using various 'playbooks,' then see them in action on the pitch. Keyboard and joystick are supported, and there are even *digitized voices* throughout the game that enhance the atmosphere. This makes Touchdown Football one of the earliest uses of digitized voices in a PC game. These voices include the crowd cheers and jeers, referee's calls, and some narration. Overall, a "pioneer" in every sense of the word, although if you want a truly classic and comprehensive all-text football game, check out XOR's NFL Challenge instead.

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