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Another in the series of Epyx Olympic sports games. Compete in many different sporting events like: Ski Jump, Hot Dog, Biathlon, Bobsled, Free Skating, Figure Skating and more.

Here is yet another computer conversion of Olympic Games. This time it's the winter Olympics in Lillehammer of 1994. Those games were special, because they were the first Olympic Games that were held only two years after the previous ones (they switched years, so that Winter and Summer games wouldn't be in the same year anymore).

The game itself features great graphics and sounds, but the interface is something we're all accustomed too. Quickly pressing the buttons, steering and shaking hands when precision is needed.

You get to select either full Olympics, mini Olympics or practice. Only full Olympics include Biathlon. Next you select the events. There are five major events and different sub-events.

Cross-country skiing - you only get biathlon (and only in full Olympics).

Skiing - you can select between downhill, super-G, giant slalom and slalom.

Ski jumping - you can jump on either the 90m or 120m jump.

Sledging - you get to choose between four or two seat bob sledge and one or two seat luge.

Ice-skating - you can either eliminate opponents, be in a chase or go against time.

You move left or right to select a major event and then up or down to select the sub-event.

Next you need to type in your name and select nationality and input controls. Now you're off. As with many similar games biathlon is my favorite (and I'd say it's the best made event - both concerning game play and graphics).

Skiing is quite nice too, and jumping is decent, I do dislike both speed disciplines though (skating and sledging).

Winter Olympics, what more to say? The usual set of winter sports on a club, national or olympic level. The game is similar to the well known Accolade's Winter Challenge but is a bit harder and less enjoyable. Fans of winter sports will like this one.

An okay game based on the 1994 Winter Olympics tournament at Lillehammer, Winter Olympics by US Gold includes a decent variety of events, but not nearly as good as Accolade's better-known-although-without-official-license Winter Challenge. The graphics are adequate, but gameplay options are lacking: you can't practice in any event before the tournament since the game offers only 2 options: "Full Olympics" and "Mini Olympics." The events are fairly standard (e.g. skiing, shooting), but they are much more difficult than Accolade's game due to awkward and unresponsive control schemes. Some events are notably better than others -- perhaps a result of them being coded by different programmers. Overall, Winter Olympics is a decent game that is worth a look for Olympics fans, but won't hold anyone's interest for long.

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