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Like Domark's Rugby: The World Cup, World Class Rugby was released alongside the 1991 Rugby World Cup, which was won by Australia in a final against England. Recreating this full 16-team event is an option, as are individual friendly matches and an 8-team league.

Options are highly customisable - there are 10 skill levels, variable match lengths, the option to play without offsides, and variable pitch conditions. Replays can be enabled for each try, and then saved to disk. The accurate rules of rugby are recreated, including scrums, line-outs, penalties and drop goals.

World Class Rugby was made in 1992 by a company called Denton design, to put in a computerized game for one of the most important sports played throughout the Commonwealth countries, and to celebrate the world cup.

In this game you can play alone or with a friend, and you can use the keyboard or a joystick. In the main menu you can configure the game (change the level of difficulty you want to play, the match length - up to 20 minutes, or turn music on/off). I would suggest you leave the music on as it's not bad and you can even hear the public and the referee, so try it before turning it off. You can also choose to change the points of the play finish with 5 points (normal) or 4 points. This game is good because you can also redefine the keys you want to play with, so you can select your favorite keys. The pitch where you will play can be changed too and you get various fields (hard, green, snow), which is another great option. This game gives you a chance to choose one of the 16 teams available, and after that you can pick the game to play: a friendly match, to a league game, or the world cup tournament.

To customize your team to your liking, you even get to select the colors of shirts, and you can also pick up your 11 players in the field. Don't forget to see their stats, and see to it that the best ones are always playing. After all the choices are made, you are ready to begin the game. It is very easy to control the player on the field, because of what I explained before, you can change the controls, it is easy to play, and when the opposite team has the ball, you need to steal it, if you can't do that, you need to block the man with ball. When you have the ball you need to do the opposite, you need to pass the balls between your players without loosing it, and afterwards try to make your man with the ball in the final part of the field. You also have the possibility to see the replays of the best plays on the field.

To the people that don't know the sport, it almost the same as "American Football". This is a very good game so it deserves 4 points.

World Class Rugby from Denton Designs and Audiogenic is one of the best rugby games ever made. The game features squads from the 16 countries which qualified for the 1991 Rugby World Cup, as well as a Five Nations Tournament. Designed for one or two players in simultaneous hotseat mode, WCR offers several play modes including a friendly match, a league game, or the entire world cup tournament.

Everything about the game is a sign of how it is a truly a labor of love designed by fans of the sport. You can configure a wide array of options, from the color of your team's shirts, to the length of a match (between 2 and 40 minutes), color of the pitch, and the difficulty level (ranging from 0 (easiest) to 6). Similar to any other good sport game, WCR allows you to change the line-up and peruse player's statistics. Think that guy doesn't have the stamina to be in the team? Replace him with someone else.

On the pitch, the game really shines with excellent controls, smooth graphics, and a lot of detail. Controlling and switching between your players is very easy and intuitive. For the first kick of the game, you use the handy "kick-o-meter" gauge similar to a golf meter swing to determine the force and direction of your kick. Another nice feature is a radar, which shows you where the other players are. You can also watch an action replay at any time, and even save it to tape for future viewing.

With plenty of action, smooth gameplay, and a lot of customization options, WCR is a blast to play. Highly recommended for fans of the sport.

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