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The World's Greatest Baseball Game is a sports management sim featuring 26 big-league, rookie, and all-star teams from 1927 to 1984. Due to the lack of an official MLB license, teams are identified by city abbreviations. Real-life players from each squad are included, however, and you'll be able to choose the visiting and home teams, adjust lineups, and view stats before play. As manager, you'll call hit-and-runs, bunts, defensive shifts, steals, and more. The action takes place from a horizontal view of a generic stadium, showing the entire infield and outfield on the same screen. While athletes are designed to perform according to their statistics from the selected year, you can also take control of the pitching and hitting by selecting an "interactive" setting.

This game is a combo of managerial and play elements in baseball. You can pick from 25 recent World Series, All-Star and All-Time Classic teams. Choose your player lineup based on a player's batting average, fielding percentage, or ERA and other statistics. If you are unhappy with their performance, you can change them or even trade players.

In the Statistical gameplay option you only manage the team and give orders like: change fielder/batter order, intentional walk, move infield in, hit and run, steal base, and bunt/sacrifice. In the Interactive Player Controlled Game, you pitch, hit and field the ball as well as managing the team.

The game has an isometric side view of the whole field with the batter on the left of screen and outfield on the right. You can play against another person or the computer.

A disappointing game that really could have been better, The World's Greatest Baseball Game offers only a handful of teams to choose from, no tournament play, and irresponsive controls. It plays like a half-baked game that was released prematurely for some unknown reason. Recommended only as a historical lesson on how a sports game giant could go wrong without sufficient play-testing. Definitely one of Epyx's worst moments as a company famous for sport games.

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