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When World Cup time rolls around one can always expect to see a rash of soccer games hitting shelves throughout the world, and this year's round of titles was kicked off with Three Lions, the latest game to be published by Take 2 Interactive. While this is the company's first attempt at publishing a sports title, let alone a distinctly European one, Three Lions is a very respectable effort that features great playability and a strong graphics engine. Though it's distinctly British in shape and form, this is one of the few soccer titles this year that's got enough appeal that even jaded American gamers will find themselves drawn to it.

An arcade style simulation of the world's most popular sport, Three Lions not only succeeds in its presentation, it also delivers some of the most enjoyable gameplay available to PC soccer fans. Whether players use the joystick or keyboard, they'll be able to pick up this title and get the hang of it right from the start, and should have a blast doing so. As long as you can run about the field like a champ and remember your buttons for pass, kick, shoot, and player switching you'll be just fine. Because it's so streamlined, even gamers in a hurry will be able to quickly get in a friendly match or two before they're on the run again.

That being said, it's only fair to mention that Three Lions isn't the most realistic soccer title I've ever laid my hands on, but it sure is entertaining. With fast, fluid gameplay and a whole host of international teams to choose from (not to mention secret ones as well!), Three Lions should have no problem winning you over. Take 2 may have taken a wild shot with this product, but they've most certainly scored a goal with all of the soccer fans across the world.


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