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It's a dream many people have but only a relatively few ever accomplish, or for that matter, even get the chance: climb to the top of the world! Now you, too, have your chance to join the select company of those with the gut-wrenching stamina and sheer willpower to get to the top of the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest.

You'll slowly pick your way up and across unstable ice fields, severe slopes, daunting rock outcroppings, and dangerous crevasses. Not only will you and your party of five face realistic terrain but also be at the mercy of the ever changing weather -- the vicissitudes of the jet stream winds, the quickly forming and deadly snowstorms, the killing cold. You'll face the dangers of unforeseen sinkholes and avalanches, the threats of fatal fatigue, hypothermia, hypoxia, frostbite, and illness caused by extreme conditions.

In Everest, you must establish and reach successive base camps, take the time to acclimatize your body and system to the ravages of oxygen deprived elevations, rebuild stamina, overcome sickness, and carefully select the proper equipment and supplies for each progressively more difficult leg of the climb. Choose your companions with care from the dozen possible "clients," each with unique attitudes, characteristics, experience, and climbing ability. As one of the world's foremost Mt. Everest climbers, Ed Viesturs, states: "Getting to the top is optional, but getting down is mandatory."

Watch live video from Viesturs as he gives you tips and advice on how to manage your epic climb. Learn survival skills as you tackle one of the most demanding challenges on Earth: Mt. Everest. Do you have what it takes to stand atop the world on the summit of Everest?


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