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MotoGP 2 features 20 professional riders from around the world competing on ten authentic racing tracks in Japan, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany. After selecting one of 12 available bikes, players can fine tune areas in transmission, handling, acceleration, brakes, and tires. New bikes become available as the game progresses.

A number of modes are initially selectable from the main menu screen. Arcade mode is a single race against a field of computer opponents, while Vs. offers racing action against a friend. Season mode is the heart of the game, where players will be able to join a racing team and earn points by competing in each of the ten circuits.

Time Trial has players racing to break course records against an optional ghost image, and Challenge involves clearing specific tasks on the different courses. For example, players might have to overtake a certain number of bikes in the first lap. Other challenges consist of beating a course's qualification time or finishing first in a circuit. Three medals are earned based on time, difficulty, or number of laps.

MotoGP 2 is motorcycle racer sequel based on the outstandingly popular sport of Grand Prix Motorcycle racing. MotoGP is the greatest motorbike race in the world, and is accredited by the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme). There are three classes, 125 cc, 250 cc and MotoGP. The high performance machines are specially made for the event, which is seen as the Formula One of the motorbike world.

MotoGP 2 features 16 tracks from the real world sport -Suzuka (Japan), Assen (Netherlands), Brno (Czech), Donington Park (UK), Jerez (Spain), Le Mans (France), Mugello (Italy), Phillip Island (Australia), Sachsenring (Germany), Valenciana (Italy), Phakisa (South Africe), Catalunya (Spain), Estoril (Portugal), Rio (Brasil), Motegi (Japan), Sepang (Malaysian), with all the bikes and riders featured in the 2002 season (including Valentino ROSSI, Carlos CHECA, Max BIAGGI, Alex BARROS, Loris CAPIROSSI, Sete GIBERNAU, Garry McCOY, ...and of course Daijira KATOA who recently died - R.I.P.), an arcade style control system, customizable bike and rider liveries, split screen, multiplayer gaming mode supporting up to four players.

You can choose from six different single-player modes - Quick Race (for those who want to jump right into the action), Championship, Stunt (lets you rack up points through both stunts and clearing track sections under predetermined times), Time Trial and Career Mode (complete simulation of the 2002 MotoGP Grand Prix). They finally added a bike set-up option, which allows you to tweak things like gear ratios, tyre compounds, suspension, etc. So, in Career Mode, you'll distribute attribute points into skills such as cornering, braking, acceleration, and top speed to personalize your bike's performance.

MotoGP 2 is definitely not a pure simulation game as GP 500. Instead, this game offers a mix of arcade fun and simulation realism. There are the simulation settings (1-100) which allow you to control the realism of the physics simulation. Sadly the damage model still doesn't exist in any classical sense of the word, as your bike simply gets replaced after a crash, and you can continue the race with several seconds of delay. It doesn't matter how many times you crash, your bike is indestructible and you are immortal.

MotoGP 2 may not have enough options to appeal to the hardcore gamer, but in my opinion, Moto GP 2 is one of the most amazing racers that I have ever played. Normally, Im not into motorcycle games that much, definitely not the simulation types, but this game rocks :) Overall, MotoGP2 doesn't look substantially different from MotoGP, but it has some nice improvements that make it worth playing/buying. So, if you like motorcycle racing games, download it!


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