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Olympic Soccer re-creates the tournament from 1996's Atlanta Olympic Games with a roster of 32 international teams. Game modes include exhibition, arcade, and the Olympic Tournament, with the latter featuring 16 teams divided among four groups. Players will compete on five field types, each subjected to varying weather conditions, as they perform moves such as slide tackles, bicycle kicks, banana kicks, diving headers, and other feats of agility. The 3D action can be viewed from multiple camera angles, while sportscaster Alan Green handles the play-by-play commentary.

While the soccer tournament is often downplayed not only inside the Olympic movement, but also by the soccer-following community, in 1996, by the occasion of the Games of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta, US Gold decided to release a game representing the tournament.

The player can choose one of the 33 teams, and participate on exhibition matches, arcade (a 32-team cup knockout), Olympic (the 16 team tournament mimicking the actual tournament) or play on an all-versus-all league (from 3 to 16 teams). The games features the usual options found in contemporary games, such as match length and draw rules, as well as define several weather patterns from wind to the bumpiness of the grass. All 5 stadiums used in the actual Olympics are present.

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