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Bearing a striking resemblance to WWF Raw for the Xbox in nearly every way, WWE Raw for the PC allows players to choose one of the existing stars of World Wrestling Entertainment or create their own grappler to compete in one of three modes: Exhibition, Title Match, and King of the Ring. Each mode offers multiple wrestling formats varying in the number of athletes available in the ring. The roster of characters includes managers, as well as a few selected women.

Exhibition options include a one-on-one Single Match, two-on-two Tag Team Match, two-on-two Tornado Match, three-man Triple-Threat, four-man Fatal 4-Way, four-man Battle Royal, and a Handicap Match, which pits one on two or one on three. Title Match has players engaging each wrestler in succession until they win the championship. Six events include the Championship, InterContinental, European, Hardcore, Light Heavyweight, and Women's.

King of the Ring allows players to customize a tournament by selecting wrestlers, rules, and one of four match types: Single, Tag Tournament, Triple-Threat, and Fatal Four-Way. Players can also design their own wrestler from scratch, deciding on a name, nickname, gender, picture, voice, faction, and up to four other wrestlers as allies or enemies. Appearance options include skin color, hairstyle, face type, body type, and individual arm and leg clothing.

Once they have decided on a created wrestler's look, players can further customize offensive and defensive strengths by assigning points to specific categories. They can also modify a wrestler's entrance into the ring. Among the customizable features are lights, fog, camera flash, pyrotechnics, TitanTron movies, and theme music. The final step in creating a wrestler, prior to saving to the hard drive, involves selecting the types of moves he or she can perform in the ring.


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