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Snooker and pool games suffer from one major and obvious flaw: why pay tens of dollars for a computer simulation when you can play the real thing in a local bar for a dollar or so?

Luckily, Jimmy White's 2: Cueball doesn't suffer from this limitation as the game is actually a combination of several playable simulations. It opens with your arrival at a famous English snooker player's Jimmy White house -- a large palatial mansion, not dissimilar to the Sistine Chapel. After being shown around the main games room, you are free to explore the rest of the house, which consists of rooms containing other games such as darts, draughts, arcade games and fruit machines.

The snooker and pool games are well defined, easy to play and realistic. The balls respond like real balls, your opponents play like humans would and you even have to chalk your cue to get the best shot possible. There are plenty of options to select and practice games to sharpen your skills on; one very useful feature is an undo function, which lets you attempt one particular shot again and again if need be.

The graphics are great, very 3D intensive with strong colors and effective backgrounds. You have the option of raising or lowering the lighting level to improve the mood and atmosphere of the game -- or just configure the simulation to your processor's speed. The sound, voices and effects suit the all-night playing feel and one clever touch is the Bee-Cam to show your shots from a very unusual angle.

If you find pool and snooker fairly limiting games, then you won't appreciate this offering fully. However, if you enjoy the baize tables, then this collection of simulations will appeal to you.

Graphics: Good use of light and backgrounds.

Sound: Effective sound effects.

Enjoyment: Very realistic feel to the games.

Replay Value: Can be easily gotten back into for repeated play.


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